My first prescription! Insulin pens for injecting, spare needles, the expensive testing strips and a "sharps" disposal box

My first prescription! Insulin pens for injecting, spare needles, the expensive testing strips and a “sharps” disposal box

Having had diabetes for ten days, I am experiencing so many things for the first time in my life. Here are some “firsts” I experienced today:

First run since diagnosis. I was a bit worried about running home from work. I will talk about hypos in more detail later (I haven’t had one yet), but I was interested to see whether running for half an hour would decrease my blood sugar to levels low enough to have a hypo. I ran at a fairly slow pace and am happy to report good news! Even at a relaxed pace I was faster than when I had been really pushing myself prior to diagnosis. I must have had mild ketoacidosis then so its good that I’ve recovered from that. Secondly, my blood sugar was higher when I finished my run than when I started. Interesting! I wonder if my liver was releasing glucose into my blood? (I think it does this at a higher rate during anaerobic exercise. At the pace I was running though, I was definitely exercising aerobically. Anyway, it’s more data, and I’ll ask my doctor about it.)

Getting an NHS prescription. Since being diagnosed, I have been testing myself frequently. Every time I do this, I need to put a drop of blood on a little disposable strip that I put in a machine. These strips cost a fortune and buying them without a prescription would have bankrupted me within the year! Thankfully, you fine tax payers are helping out now and I am extremely grateful for the pile of “free” drugs I picked up today.

Having an espresso. I sat down, reached for the white sugar, and thought “ah, I won’t be having that in my espresso ever again”. And put it back in the pot.

Writing a blog! Today is my first day posting a blog. Because the whole diabetes experience is so intense for me at the moment, I am writing more than even the most patient reader will be interested in reading! So please forgive the information overload. At least I find it interesting myself!

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  1. hope you’ve realised by now that you can have sugar in your espresso – you just have to add on the carbs…
    interesting blog, Liz (a work colleague of yours) put me on to it – my daughter was diagnosed 3 years ago aged 5. I admire how positively you have approached it. It’s miserable as a parent, I can tell you! I have turned to cycling to raise money for JDRF – over £2500 so far, which is pleasing!


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