Just finished the ultra.

It was emotional!

I couldn’t believe it when I found myself in third place with ten miles to go.

Over the last six miles, the enormity of what I’ve gone through over the past five months hit me. I’ve been so busy learning how to adapt to type one and learning how to exercise with it that I haven’t really stopped to think.

But here I was doing my first ultra so soon afterwards and I was in contention for a podium finish. I was hit by such an immense feeling of pride at what I’d achieved that I found tears streaming down my face. The tears didn’t stop for miles and all the way I was thinking about all the people who had helped me get here.

So thank you everyone! Life is good.


  1. Alex, you are amazing… but then you knew that already… Your approach to the illness is admirable, totally. And mastering the ultra is fantastic, well done!!!


  2. Well done Alex – great achievement- have read loads about these crazy events and can only imagine the satisfaction of completing one. Happy Christmas to you and Emily. Look forward to hearing all the details in January


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