I have decided to run the London Marathon (in about a month’s time) dressed in a Tiger costume. It covers my whole body – feet, hands, head and face! It’s going to be hot.

I asked the Guinness Book of Records if there was a Onesie category (I wanted to run as a type-onesie) but there isn’t, so they suggested the animal.

The record is currently held by a cow in 2:51:18. It’s going to be really hard to go faster than this but the London Marathon is all about having fun and pushing personal limits so I’m really excited about trying. When I signed up for the marathon straight after diagnosis, I wasn’t even sure whether I’d be able to do it with diabetes. I’ve come a long way since then, and hopefully wearing a stupid costume will raise awareness that people with type 1 can do everything a “healthy” person can.

Guinness are very keen for a record attempt – they have many at each marathon – but I’m still waiting for them to confirm whether my costume is acceptable or not. Fingers crossed!

How will I train?

I’m going to post more on this later, but basically my training is now a mix of normal marathon training, gathering data to know how to manage my blood sugar (my body’s sensitivity to insulin seems to be changing – I hardly need to eat any carbohydrate when I run at the moment – which adds an additional challenge), and running in really hot clothes so that when I do the marathon with my entire body covered in material it’s not too much of a shock. Oh, and I’m still doing loads of stretching to stay on the right side of the precarious balance of training hard and injury.

I ran 23 miles today in 2:45 with the last 10k in 40 minutes. It was a lovely lovely spring day, but hot for running and I was only wearing shorts and a t-shirt. So I’ve got mixed feelings on my chances: I think today was a good run considering I ran 65 miles in the week before, played squash and had a few glasses of wine last night. But doing it in an animal costume is going to be a lot more difficult.

I’ve run in the costume twice since getting it on Wednesday last week. The first time was on the treadmill at my work gym. I must have got some funny looks, but I can’t really see out of the costume very well, and I’m quite glad that my colleagues couldn’t identify the lunatic in a tiger suit! The second time was a 9 mile run on Friday morning. I did feel a bit self conscious when I started to run, but English people are incredibly reserved. Most didn’t bat an eyelid when seeing a tiger running towards them, although there were some pretty funny reactions from some.

My virgin giving account is here. I’m raising funds for the JDRF, which sponsors research into finding ways to manage, prevent and cure type 1 diabetes. It’s a great organisation, doing great work, and I hope to be able to help them.


  1. amazing costume. I hope it is a reasonably cold day for you and wish you all the very best for your record breaking attempt. Glenda


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