I’ve been going to the monthly quantified self meetup whenever I can. They are really interesting evenings. At each evening, three people present on any aspect of self quantifying they have been doing. Given that I have diabetes and track a lot of data these days, I feel like there’s stuff I can learn from the presentations. Even if they’re not relevant to me they are normally fascinating, and this techy geeky world is something I wouldn’t have discovered without my diagnosis (the gift of diabetes keeps on giving…!).

At the last meetup a photographer called Travis Hodges gave a presentation on his work. He is doing something called “follow me” which is where he took a photo of someone, got them to tweet one of their friends and then took a photo of them. The chain goes on. The collection was so successful that he was asked to do an exhibition in Brixton, and decided to do portraits of self trackers, their devices, their motivations and their data.

So I found myself sitting at my table with Travis taking photos of me sitting in front of my lunch, glucose meter, syringes and scales to illustrate me going through the thought process involved in eating. (Weigh food, work out carbohydrate content, think hard, and inject.)

Travis was then kind enough to go to the park with us to take photos of me running in my tiger costume. Hopefully they will be useful for the publicity for my Guinness world record attempt at the fastest animal (costume) to run the marathon.

Getting ready for the tiger photo shoot!

Getting ready for the tiger photo shoot!

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