I’m training for a 100km ultra marathon around mont blanc. I’m learning a lot about running, training, physiology and diabetes. Today though was all about the joy of running and being in the mountains.

It started with a four mile run in London at 5am. I hadn’t factored in just how heavy my bag was, and I had to really push it to make my train. The doors closed as I arrived on there platform, so I panicked, waving to the driver hoping that I wasn’t going to miss my second plane in a week! Luckily he let me on.

Cut to arriving in Chamonix and running up a mountain. I’d never done this run before. 1800m climb from the valley floor up a spur in between two glaciers. The views were breath taking and I was constantly amazed when they kept getting EVEN BETTER. It was just me, some chamois and the rock and the ice. It’s such an amazing feeling to run up a mountain into that environment. What a day.

My phone camera can’t possibly do it justice but pics below.

My blood sugar was 5.9 before setting off. Then 4.6, 4.8 and 5 during the run, before finishing at 10. After the first hour (when I ate just 15g of carbs) I ate about 60g of carbs an hour. My blood sugar only got high when running down hill. Presumably because I was working less hard aerobically (although the legs were screaming!). I’ve only needed to eat about 30-40g of carbs an hour when running recently so it’s interesting that I needed to consume so much more today. The whole outing took 3:36, was 18km and 1800m vertical height difference.

(The other number is carbs eaten vs fast acting insulin. I ate 470g of carbs over the day and had 2 units of fast acting insulin. The benefits of exercise for insulin sensitivity!)

It’s not about the stats though – either diabetes or otherwise – it’s about the joy of running in these mountains!









    1. I have to say that I know nothing about shoes for a diabetic, being quite a new diabetic myself, so my “review” probably won’t be very helpful to other diabetics). I run in inov8 mudrocs. I had a pair from before I was diagnosed, loved them and wore them until the tread wore down to nothing. I retired them after running my first ultra in December last year, but still use them in Chamonix. They also have a foot sized hole in the upper so are well ventilated! I’m not that happy with my new pair – they are falling apart despite very little use. For running on roads I use a pair of Asics that I’ve had since 2006. They are still going strong (I run about 50 miles a week in them) and are very comfortable!


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