Diabetes and being ill don’t mix

Gratuitous shot of Mont Blanc. What an amazing view to have whilst marching 850m up a hill.

Gratuitous shot of Mont Blanc. What an amazing view to have whilst marching 850m up a hill.

I’ve just come out of a two week long cold. Despite evidence to the contrary (I got diabetes six months ago), I think of myself as someone who never gets ill. So getting a cold and feeling low on energy and not wanting to run was a real blow. Not least because my fund raising page reminds me that I only have 54 days left to the Marathon. Given that I want to run it in a very challenging time, two weeks of almost no quality training is a real blow. I’m still waiting for comments on whether I should run the marathon in a Onesie by the way. So far two people have commented, and that’s not quite enough to encourage me to do it!

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My second honeymoon

If you told me last October that I’d be having a second honeymoon within a year I wouldn’t have believed you. But here I am enjoying the “honeymoon period” in type 1 diabetes. The photo above is from my first honeymoon to Patagonia. I put it in the post cos it’s more interesting to look at than all the charts!

When I first got diabetes, I thought I’d be able to do loads of clever things with my data to get good at managing it. I’ve been collecting data enthusiastically, but making sense of the mountain of data I’ve produced is difficult. Plus I spent two weeks not recording anything at the start of November because I was sulking. Sulking because my smartphone app which I use to record all my data was bought by another company and they seriously dis-improved the user experience as a result. I was shocked at the emotions I experienced when something I use and depend upon every day was changed: I was more angry and upset about that than I was about being diagnosed with diabetes in the first place! So were many other users if the number of horrendous reviews on Google Play were anything to go by. Luckily they fixed the problems, but that explains the gap in my data below.

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